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Wholesale Flavoured Milk

Our wholesale flavoured milk is made on our farm by our family (including our happy Holsteins). Using only four ingredients, we can make some of the best milk in Australia taste even better as the first flavoured milk suppliers in Australia to be certified as a Fairtrade Flavoured Milk producer.
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Why Choose Wholesale Flavoured Milk from Sydney

Flavoured milk or regular milk? It can be a hard decision to make. All of our milk products are made with care, including our different flavours. From chocolate to coffee, here’s why you should consider choosing flavoured milk

  • It encourages children to drink more milk – Studies have shown that children would easily choose flavoured milk over regular milk (SHOCK!). But there’s no need to worry, studies also show that children who drink more flavoured milk drink less fizzy and sugary drinks.

  • It’s healthy – Flavoured milk includes all of the important vitamins and minerals regular milk would. You might think that the added sugar would have an unhealthy effect on the milk, however, all of the nutritional benefits are still there, and there’s a lot less sugar than alternative drinks.

  • It’s a great post-exercise drink – Milk contains beneficial carbohydrates and proteins needed for recovery and adaptation after exercise. Thanks to the added ingredients, flavoured milk has a better combination of these, making them even better to drink after exercising.

  • It’s Fairtrade – Little Big Dairy Co. is the first and only dairy producer in Australia whose flavoured milk is certified as Fairtrade. We’re committed to the exclusive use of Fairtrade cocoa, coffee, and vanilla, and the syrup is all produced by us.

  • We work with local Australian dairy farms – We don’t just work with farms around the world, we like to help our friends in Australia too. We buy our honey, fodder, and cow feed from farms within 200km of our own.

  • Our cows are happy – Every one of our 1000 Holstein cows has their own name, all of which we know and can tell apart. Studies have shown that by giving your cows names, they can produce higher quality milk. 1000 different names, 1000 happy cows. We do everything to make sure our cows are happy and properly cared for.

We Use Single Source Milk to Improve the Quality of Our Flavoured Milk

We’re proud to say that we use Single Source milk in all of our products. This means that our milk is produced solely on our farm in the Central West of New South Wales. We see every product the whole way through so there are no added chemicals and lets us make the highest quality milk we can. We can even trace the milk back to the very cow which produced it! Out of 1000 cows! Our family have been dairy farmers for over 100 years now, so we know what we’re doing, how things work, and how to keep our cows and customers happy.

If you’ve got an idea for a new flavour or any other milk products, let us know with the contact form at the bottom of the page or by calling 02 6887 3443.
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