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Non Homogenised Milk

We started The Little Big Dairy Co to deliver the best-tasting, single source milk you’ll drink to as many people as possible. It’s our belief that this shouldn’t be reserved for the lucky few; it should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made.

What is Non-Homogenised Milk?

When you buy milk from a store, it is usually pasteurised and homogenised – but if you have fond memories of creamy milk in glass bottles, with that layer of cream at the top, you will love the non-homogenised milk from The Little Big Dairy Co.

Pasteurisation is a process invented by Frenchman Luis Pasteur in 19th Century France. It involves heating a liquid to the optimum temperature to kill the bacteria that turns milk sour, without negatively affecting the taste and consistency.

Homogenisation is a process that makes all the particles in the milk the same size – so that they remain permanently mixed. The milk fat particles (the creamy bit) are far larger than the rest of the milk particles, and if milk is not homogenised, the cream will stay at the top. Another Frenchman, Auguste Galin, patented a machine to complete this process in 1899.

Homogenised milk has been through a process that makes all the particles the same size – and therefore the cream is distributed evenly through the bottle.
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The Best Tasting Non-Homogenised Milk from The Little Big Dairy Co

If you would prefer a less-processed option for your milk, then The Little Big Dairy Co have the best-tasting non-homogenised milk in Australia available from our dairy. With the signature thick layer of delicious cream on top that can be scooped out or shaken in, and available in traditional glass bottles, you can enjoy the non-homogenised milk taste from your childhood.

Non-homogenised milk is the closest you can get to unadulterated, fresh from the milking parlour milk – and we love the superior taste and creaminess.

Here at The Little Big Dairy Co, we have worked hard to establish milking practices that are environmentally sound and the best for our bovine family – and that is why we put the health and happiness of all our cows at the top of our priority list. We have over 1000 purebred Holstein cows on our Australian dairy farm, and we know each and every one by name.

From birth, all our calves, whether bull or heifer, are raised by hand by our family. They are pedigree cattle, each with their own destiny – bull calves are either used as studs for other dairy farms, or enter beef production at around 10 months old, and heifers become the next generation of milkers.

All our cows have a comprehensive vaccine program with the aim of prevention rather than treatment. We only use antibiotics when they are required – for treating illness or injury – where cow comfort is non-negotiable. We always ensure that milk from cows undergoing antibiotic treatment is diverted away from the milk we process for consumption, so there will never be any trace of antibiotics in the milk we sell. For extra peace of mind, our on-farm factory tests all milk for traces of antibiotics as part of the quality control process.

We do not use hormones at any point in our operations – instead, we rely on good quality nutrition, sunshine, and grass to make our cows as healthy and productive as possible. Because we vaccinate our cattle and use antibiotics where necessary, our farming practices are not organic – but we focus on sustainability that protects the environment throughout the production process.

This is why we believe we have the best non-homogenised milk in Australia and our customers agree with us.

Buy Non-Homogenised Milk from The Little Big Dairy Co Today!

You can find our delicious non-homogenised milk in Sydney from selected retailers, or you can get it delivered to your door (in selected areas).

, local, tasty and ethically sourced milk – from The Little Big Dairy Co.
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