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Little Big Dairy Co is an award winning, family-owned dairy, producing the best tasting, single source milk you can buy. 99.7% of baristas say our milk makes the best coffee they have ever tasted.

"Since the first interaction with the Little Big Dairy, it has been nothing but good times for us. We wanted to choose a company that was full of love and integrity and really backed what they believed and that is SO evident in every aspect of this company. The ordering process is so simple and effective and it always feels like we’re treated as friends instead of a customer. Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking about making the switch!"

Rianna Beentjes, Wildflower Espresso

“Using Little Big Dairy Milk has increased our coffee sales by 30% and we have almost no milk-wastage. The consistency of the milk is unparalleled and means that anyone from our team can re-create the same quality of coffee over and over again. As well as making perfect microbubbles, it steams well and doesn’t need constant attention when working. Our customers noticed the difference instantly."

Mandy Wheeler, Pressed Coffee Co,

“The Specialty Coffee industry is built on quality and transparency through every aspect of the supply chain. The quality, traceability and consistency of Little Big Dairy's Single Source milk is the perfect match for Specialty Coffee. We take pride in working directly with a dedicated farming family to deliver a product that we love.”

Tim Manning, Red Brick Cafe,

"We are so happy with using Little Big Dairy for our cheesemaking, the milk is such top quality. The staff are so easy to contact and liase with, we love how fresh and local and creeeeeemy their milk is!!

Deb Kiem, Blue Sky Cheese

Put Our Milk To The Test, On Us

We’ll come to your café with one day’s worth of our delicious, award winning, Single Source milk for yourself and your regular customers to try. This sample is 100% free, we'll deliver it to your door completely free of charge and you won't be under any obligation to do business with us after delivery. We'll work with your baristas on how to get the best possible result from our Little Big Dairy milk.

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