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Wholesale Milk Prices

At the Little Big Dairy Co, we have a tremendous belief in the quality and amazing fresh taste of all our products and when we started the company, we were determined to ensure that everyone, not just a lucky few, could access our delicious dairy products.

One of our core purposes is that everyone can get their hands on our products and that’s why we put our products on store shelves throughout the country. We haven’t stopped there though, and you can now buy wholesale milk directly from the farm.

Wholesale Prices, Premium Flavour

When people hear the words ‘wholesale’ or ‘bulk’ they often believe that they are buying large but will be compromising on quality. Well, we can assure you that despite the amazing price of our wholesale milk that you aren’t compromising on flavour or quality; every single litre of our single source milk is packed with a delicious farm-fresh punch.

If you are in the food or hospitality industry, you know all too well that quality is the difference between you and your competitors and we believe that our products can be that difference.

So what is it that makes the Little Big Dairy Co products so flavourful?

The secret to our creamy, high-quality products comes down to two things: the happiness of our cows and our single source process.
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Timing is Everything

For years we had to rely on other companies to process our raw dairy before it was sold to its final destination and while there is nothing wrong with this - we simply didn’t like the fact that we couldn’t see how our products were being treated and how long the process was taking.

When raw dairy is processed by another company, it usually sits in storage before it sold and shipped to the processing facility and then once it gets there, it’s likely to sit for a little more time before it is finally refined and packaged. After that, the product has to spend even more time before being sold and shipped to the final shop or store.

The low prices for raw dairy and the desire to be in complete control of every step of our process pushed up into building our own processing facility on the family farm. This on-site operation means that our milk doesn’t have to sit around; in fact the process from milking to processing, packing and selling normally takes 12 hours or less, which is what gives our products that unbelievably fresh taste.

Wholesale Doesn't Mean Low Quality

While the processing of our products is incredibly important, getting the best dairy milk that we produce starts its journey long before getting to the processing part. Our family has been in dairy farming for as long as we can remember and so we know that the best milk comes from the happiest and healthy cows.

Our 800 head of beautiful Hosteins aren’t simply livestock, they’re part of the family and we treat them as such. Each individual is well-loved and named; we work around the clock with vets and nutritionists to ensure that our herd is one of the most content in the world and this reflects in the taste of their milk.

Give Your Customers the Quality That They Deserve!

We believe that everyone deserves to try the high-quality, premium dairy products that we produce and we want to help your business thrive too! Have a look at our wholesale milk cost, give our products a try and you’ll see just what we’re talking about. You’ll have the happiest customers in the industry!

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