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Single Source Milk

The Little Big Dairy Co was started with a core focus, to deliver farm-fresh, ‘Single Sourcemilk to as many people across the country as possible. We believe that the best-tasting milk shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the lucky few that are able to get access to a farm, but rather it should be easily accessible to all Australians, supporting the farming communities and economy along the way.

What is ‘Single Source’ Milk?

Dairy farming is one of Australia’s oldest traditions and as a family, we have farmed our lands for over a hundred years now and you can just imagine how much our business has grown and evolved in that time. The only thing that hasn’t changed in all these years is our commitment to producing the best quality milk for all of our customers.

Our milk dairy farm’s journey started out like every other on in the country; that is, we produced raw milk from our cows, which we then sold onto a processing company to complete the final stages. Not only have the prices for raw dairy pushed dairy farmer such as ourselves to the absolute limit, we also worried that we couldn’t oversee how our milk was being processed and manufactured before reaching the consumers.

After much consideration, we decided to build our very own processing facility on the farm. This means that we have complete control over the entire process from the collecting of the milk through the processing and right to our clients’ doors.

This change has allowed us to go from a complete raw milk product to a packaged one in 12 hours or less. We are the only dairy farm in Australia that can produce dairy products so quickly and we love that we are able to keep an eye on exactly what our prized product goes through in the processing stages.
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We Are a Sustainable Single Source Milk Supplier

At the very heart of our dairy farm are the cows; we have 800 beautiful Holsteins, which were all born and raised on the family farm. Each of our cows have names and are known by heart; we believe that the best-tasting milk comes from happy and healthy cows that are raised in a calm and caring environment. We are committed to using sustainable practices to greatly reduce our environmental impact and our flavoured milk is the only one that has been fair-trade certified in the country.

Buy Our Award-Winning Products Wholesale or Off the Shelf

We want our amazing products to be available to as many people as possible, not just a lucky few. If you would like to buy our single source milk in Australia then you have the option of buying wholesale directly from the farm or from IGA supermarkets and other stockists throughout Australia.

We are able to maintain our high-quality standards while still supplying milk in bulk, due to our high-tech processing operation which allows us to track our raw milk back to the exact cow that produced it. Our whole process means that our milk doesn’t sit for hours at a time and can be delivered fresh to the table and produce a creamy product that your customers will simply love.

Passion is the driving force behind our success, and we put it into everything that we do. We do a lot of work with local farmers and fair trade companies that have their hearts in the same place as we do - high-quality, sustainable products.

With your help, we can change the dairy industry and support local communities and businesses along the way.

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