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Office Milk Delivery Sydney

The Little Big Dairy Co is a family-run, wholly Australian dairy farm based on the banks of the Macquarie River, NSW. We have been a dairy farming family for over one hundred years, living on the land and producing delicious milk from our beautiful purebred Holstein cows.

We are The Little Big Dairy Co because we are ‘little’ enough to be able to know all our cows personally, and ‘big’ enough to become an award-winning milk supplier for cafes, restaurants, retailers, and now offering home delivery, too. You can take advantage of this to offer your employees the opportunity of great tasting tea and coffee – by getting your office milk delivery from us!
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The Best Office Coffee – Office Milk Delivery from The Little Big Dairy Co.

Our cows are our family – we know each of them by name, understand their personalities, and treat them as the individuals they are. We are a family-run business, and our cows are an extension of that family – so their comfort and happiness are especially important to us. We make sure that they have access to fresh grass and fresh water – all year round – and work with a vet nutritionist to make sure that each cow gets the right nutrients they need. This means that we don’t need to use hormones at any stage of our production process – and we never use antibiotics unless they are needed.

Delicious milk is the result.

Why Choose Office Milk Delivery in Sydney from The Little Big Dairy Co?

Whether you are a multi-location conglomerate or a small office, providing tea and coffee for your employees is an excellent way to improve the workplace – and by incorporating excellent milk, you are giving your employees the very best experience.

Our milk has been tested and rated by baristas – and 99.7% of them said that using our milk made the best tasting coffee they had tried.

With that response, you can be sure that any coffee made – by hand or by machine – will taste great using our milk.

Of course, you will also be supporting a local dairy, allowing us to continue to produce milk ethically and sustainably, which is an all-round win!

As a family dairy, we want to make it really easy for our customers to enjoy our delicious milk wherever they are – and through stocking retail stores, cafes and restaurants we have developed long-term relationships with consumers who come back again and again – so we have made it even easier with our corporate milk delivery options – just get in touch with us to find out more about how we can supply your office with all the milk you need.

The Little Big Dairy Co – a Range of Milks for All Tastes.

The Little Big Dairy Co has developed a full range of milks to suit all needs – and with our ethical, sustainable production, you will be able to choose what suits you and know that you are supporting a local, family-run, Australian business to give back to the environment.

Choose From:

  • Full Cream: High quality, deliciously creamy

  • Less Cream: All the flavour of full cream, but less fat.

  • No Cream: Cream delicately separated, no added milk powder, delicious taste

  • Premium Non-Homogenised: Less processed, the cream on the top can be scooped off or shaken in.

Whatever you choose for your office milk delivery, your employees will love the delicious taste as well as your company supporting local, single source, ethical, and sustainable dairy farmers.
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