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Best Type Of Milk For Latte Art

Over the last couple of years, latte art really has taken to new heights! We’ve seen the tops of cappuccinos go from simple swirls and hearts to extravagant designs and works of art that seemed pretty impossible before.

Obviously, the skill and experience of your barista plays a huge part in getting that cute-looking cat on your coffee just perfect, however, what many people don’t know is that the barista milk in your coffee makes a huge difference too. So, if the foam on your coffee looks extra puffy, soft and twirly then there’s a high chance that your barista has used high-quality, fair trade milk in your favourite hot beverage.

What Makes the Best Type of Milk for Latte Art?

Every dairy farm’s signature milk is produced with a distinct amount of fat and protein content, as well as a grade of sweetness. These varieties all come from how the dairy cows are treated on the farm, what they eat and what conditions they live in. The way that the milk is collected, treated and processed also plays a big part in the kind of milk that makes its way into your coffee cup.

The breed also plays a direct impact in the quality of the milk that you receive and luckily our Holsteins are some of the most sought-after cows when it comes to producing rich and creamy milk for cafes. With high levels of protein and butter fat, our cows simply produce superior quality milk to many other breeds in the country.
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Happy Cows Make The Perfect Latte Milk

We are firm believers that the way that our cows are treated on our farm plays a big role in how amazing our milk is. Our 800 Holsteins have all been born and raised on our farm and we know each and every one of them by name. Our cows are at the heart of everything we do and their happiness and health allow us to deliver 8 million litres of delicious milk every single year.

Our passion for dairy farming is what drives us every day; good land, happy cows and sustainable practices are at the core of our operation. We do everything that we can to reduce the impact that our farm and daily operations have on the environment and we go out of our way to maintain ethical and sustainable principles in every facet of our farm.

We are the first farm in Australia to produce flavoured milk that is completely fair trade certified. All of the products and practices that go into your flavoured milks have as little environmental impact as possible. Through our work with fair trade suppliers, we hope to inspire other farmers in Australia to do the same - helping the environment and supporting local economies along the way.

Single Sourced from Cow to Cup

Everything that we produce is directly processed on our much-loved family farm using high-tech processing equipment. Our modern facilities allow us to produce large amounts of the highest quality, farm-fresh milk right here. Our small, family-run operation has the passion and drive to compete with the big guys of the dairy industry because of our integrated production operation.

While competing on the market is obviously important to keep our business going, the thing that really makes our hearts swell is hearing our customers say that our milk tastes just like the milk that they had as kids.

At The Little Big Dairy Co, we’ve found the perfect way to produce a truly unique product in that our milk is processed by modern machinery but produces a product that is just that the milk our grandparents used to drink! How did we do it? Well, it turns out that sustainable farming practices, happy cows and passion for everything that we do is the secret to truly wonderful, farm-fresh milk!

Try some of our products today from any IGA supermarket or in a cafe near you!

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