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Best Milk for Coffee

At Little Big Dairy Co, we are renowned for our high-quality milk supplies to cafes all over Australia. We are incredibly proud of the consistently positive feedback that we receive from our clients all over the country.

Coffee shops and the coffee culture has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and while it’s excellent that we can now access superior quality coffee almost anywhere - it has come with some downsides. Designer coffee comes in a whole heap of different packages and flavours and many of them rely on sugar or syrups in order to enhance the flavour. The simple reason behind this is that sustainable, high-quality coffee beans are pricey, but sugar and syrup aren’t.

We Produce the Best Milk For Coffees

We believe that a successful partnership is established when we work with clients that want the same thing as us: providing customers with the best products on the market. We love working with cafes and coffee shops that are devoted to treating their customers and with our coffee and cream in-house, we know that establishments that are using our products are doing just that.
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How Our Milk Can Set Your Business Apart

At the end of the day, quality is the outstanding ingredient to any successful business. It takes a whole lot of time, passion and drive to get your products to the type of quality that your customers deserve, and after that, you have to stick to delivering this quality to truly stand out and make it in the long term.

Using our wholesale dairy milk make it simple for you to follow up with your commitment to treating your customers with high-quality food and beverages.

We can deliver directly to you and you can rest assured that you are receiving the best dairy milk that have been collected and processed on our family farm, under our expert guidance. Every single one of our products has received awards for their outstanding quality and this means you are serving your customers the delicious desserts and heart-warming drinks that they deserve.

Our most popular product for cafes and coffee shops that our clients rave about include:

  • 100% pure pouring cream with a 42% butter fat content
  • Thick double cream made with absolutely no additives
  • Milk with full cream, less cream, or no cream
  • Premium Non-Homogenised milk with cream that floats to the top

Why is Our Milk the Best Coffee Milk?

At Little Big Dairy Co we know the entire story of our milk from the cows all the way through to the cup. We truly believe that milk for coffees shouldn’t be low fat or over-processed; it comes from well-loved, healthy, happy cows that produce farm-fresh milk. Being in charge of the processing on our farm means that we know that every step of the way our milk is being treated in the right ways to produce the best taste at your shop.

A Little Dairy Farm With Big Dreams

The Little Big Dairy Co is a family-run farm that is built around a genuine passion for dairy farming, a love for all 800 of our names cows and a commitment to sustainable and fair-trade practices that ensure we are limiting our impact on the environment.

We dream of the day that dairy farm throughout Australia follow our strong principles and commit to the future of sustainable farming and environmentally-friendly practices that are good for their cows and for the planet.

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