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Dairy Milk Suppliers Australia

We started the Little Big Dairy Co to deliver the best-tasting, 'Single Source' milk you'll drink to as many people as possible. It's our belief that this shouldn't be reserved for the lucky few. It should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made.

Dairy farmers haven’t had a good run of it lately. Family farms and independent milk suppliers are quickly being overtaken by larger companies. Dollar-milk is the biggest threat to the Australian dairy farmer because it is impossible to make a good product for so little.

We Stand Out from Other Milk Suppliers

By vertically integrating our family dairy farm to include milk processing and bottling we are backing ourselves to have a sustainable future in the industry that we love. We are committed to doing the little things properly and know that by doing this the big things will take care of themselves.

We’re Here to Prove that Little Big is Better

Everything we make is processed directly on our dairy milk farm using sophisticated equipment. This method allows us to produce large quantities of milk at the highest levels of quality. We are an independent, family-owned dairy with the drive and ability to compete with the big guys.

That’s what it means to be little big. We have a passion for what we do created from a long tradition of dairy farming. It’s been the family business for generations and we’ve found a way to modernize the process, allowing us to thrive. We’ve even been able to expand our product line to include our flavoured milks and award-winning double cream.
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State of the art dairy, High-Tech Processing

Being able to process our own product was a huge step forward for our family. We’re extremely proud of that accomplishment. While all the basics are still the same, our high-tech equipment is what enables us to produce fresh milk in large quantities.

We use milking metres to measure the output for each of our cows during milking. Information about quantities and our cows is sent digitally to a network of computers. This allows us to keep careful watch over our herd, ensuring their health and the overall quality of our product. The milk is refrigerated direct from the dairy, and everything is processed and bottled within 12 hours of milking.

That’s how we deliver farm-fresh taste every time. Many of our customers remark that it’s just like the milk they had as kids, and that always makes us smile!

Sustainable Practices and Fair Trade Ingredients

At the heart of our operation, is our passion for dairy farming. Good land, healthy cows and sustainable practices are the backbone of what we do. We greatly reduce the impact our farm makes on the environment by supplying both the raw and finished product. Not only that, we strive to maintain ethical and sustainable practices in everything we do.

That’s why we sourced fair trade ingredients when we decided to add flavoured milks to our product line. We’re the first dairy milk company to do that in Australia, and we hope we’re not the last. By making a commitment to fair trade, you support local economies and independent farms in Australia and around the world.

A Fresh Take on an Old Taste

Our company stands out from the rest because we’ve done something truly unique. We’ve found a way to modernise the process of creating old-fashioned milk like our grandparents used to drink. As it turns out, sustainable and fair trade farming is the secret to that old-fashioned taste.

Try some of our amazing products today, available in IGA supermarkets and select cafes throughout Australia.

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