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Dairy Manufacturers Australia

We started the Little Big Dairy Co to deliver the best-tasting, 'Single Source' milk you'll drink to as many people as possible. It's our belief that this shouldn't be reserved for the lucky few. It should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made.

We’re One of the Top Dairy Manufacturers in Australia

Dairy farming is a long-standing Australian tradition. It’s also a heritage our family is proud to call our own. We’ve farmed these lands for more than 100 years, and our business has grown tremendously in that time.

We started out just like every other dairy farmer. Our family dairy farm produced raw milk that was then sold to another company for processing and manufacturing. Recent changes have caused prices for raw dairy to plummet. At first, this seemed like a terrible change. In the end, it’s what led us to become one of the top dairy manufacturers in Australia.

What Makes Our Process Better?

Our processing facility is located right here on our farm. That means our finished products are never too far from their source. Until they make their way to your table, that is! As it turns out, timing is everything when it comes to dairy manufacturing.

You see, we’re able to go from raw milk to a packaged product in 12 hours or less. We also know exactly what our milk goes through to get from raw to finished product. No other company can produce milk products so quickly and with so much control.
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We Have Award-Winning Products

When a processing plant has to buy from a separate farm, the milk spends a lot of time waiting. It has to be transported over long distances, and a lot of freshness is lost along the way. Our products are gaining in popularity every day simply because they taste like the fresh milk your grandparents used to get straight from the farm.

That’s what sets them apart, and it’s also why we’ve been winning awards and gaining accolades. Our double cream and non-homogenized milk have both been singled out as outstanding dairy products in Australia. We also offer fresh milk with different levels of cream content, flavoured milks using fair trade syrups we make ourselves, and two varieties of cream. We hope to continue expanding our product line as we attempt to make our premium dairy products available to everyone.

You Can Buy Wholesale from Our Company

If you’re in need of a supplier for your business, you won’t find a better wholesale product than ours. We’re able to sell in bulk while maintaining a high quality product.. That’s because we use a state-of-the-art process which allows us to trace our raw product back to the individual cows that produced it. The fresh taste is something your customers will love, and that’s enough to help you stand out in your industry!

You’ll Find Us on the Store Shelves Too

Our goal is to make our milk available to as many people as possible. We know it’s an amazing product, and we feel it should be something everyone can enjoy. It’s not just reserved for the lucky few! That’s why you’ll find our products in IGA supermarkets and other stockists throughout Australia.

All of our dairy products taste amazing, but we really recommend you start with something simple. Just taste our fresh milk and see how it compares to the dollar brands. You’ll never look back, and that’s a Little Big guarantee.

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