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Best Milk for Frothing Australia

Milk froth can make or break the taste of your drink; if the froth doesn’t hold, your drink can end up tasting different from what you were expecting. If you want milk to froth well, it needs to be high quality. At The Little Big Dairy Co, we only produce high-quality milk products. From our family owned and run dairy and on farm factory, we deliver single source milk and other milk products to our customers all over Australia. Single source means that our milk is solely produced on our farm. In that way, from milking all the way to bottling, we can ensure everything is done to a high standard. 

About The Best Milk for Frothing in Australia

The Little Big Dairy Co is a family run dairy farm with an on-farm factory. Coming from a long line of Australian dairy farmers, for over a hundred years we have been able to work hard to ensure we are producing the best milk available to buy. Along with our generations of knowledge, what sets us apart from other dairies is our commitment to sustainable farming, our ability to deliver single source milk to our customers, and our beautiful Holsteins.
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Our Happy Herd of Holsteins

What makes our milk great, and our farm special is our herd of 1000 Holsteins. They are born and raised on our farm, and each given a name that we know by heart. Our commitment to keeping them happy and healthy is what makes it possible for us to deliver over 8 million litres of high-quality milk to our customers every year.

With the use of new practices and technology, our cows are milked and taken care of inline with world best practices and animal welfare conditions. We do not over milk our cows, and we work with an animal nutritionist to ensure that they receive a balanced diet, and always have access to fresh water. 

Where Can You Buy Our High-Quality Milk?

There are many retailers, cafes, and restaurants that stock or use our authentic and ethical milk delivered from our farm on the Macquarie River in the Central West. Our commitment to the sustainable production of single source milk is what attracts many of our customers. If you want to find your nearest stockists, you can look at the stockist map on our website. 

For those of you who live within the city limits of Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Geurie, Molong, Narromine, Newcastle, Orange, Wellington, or Wongarbon, you can choose to have your milk delivered directly to your door. You will even receive a text message after it has been delivered so that you can put it straight into the fridge.

Buy High-Quality, Single Source Milk Today!

Buying milk from The Little Big Dairy Co means that you will be supporting a business that produces milk sustainably, and cruelty-free. Our cows are happy and healthy, which means that they produce high-quality milk which is the best milk for frothing in Australia. 

If you want to know more about our cows, or any of our practices on the farm please get in touch! We love talking to our customers and helping them to know more about the origins of their food!
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