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The Best Dairy Milk in Australia

Dairy farming is a long-standing Australian heritage and when we started the Little Big Dairy Co, our core purpose was to ensure that as many Australians as possible have access to the best dairy milk in the country. We truly believe in our amazing products and as such, we don’t think that they should be reserved to a lucky few. Our belief is that this locally made Australian product was made to be enjoyed by all Australians, with the bonus of supporting local communities along the way.

We have been serving the best in quality dairy products to our special Australian community for many decades now and we are incredibly proud and committed to continuing to deliver the best dairy milk to our customers for the foreseeable future.

We simply love what we do, and that clearly comes through in the fresh taste of our dairy products that other brands can’t serve and our numerous awards prove this.

The Best Milk is Made in New South Wales

Dairy farming in Central Western New South Wales has given us the opportunity to become the best single source dairy farm in the country. The family farm is located 20km west of the city in Dubbo, which is renowned as one of the country’s prime locations for high-quality dairy farms.

Our cows are the centre of all we do at The Little Big Dairy Co and their health and happiness is our number one priority; the dry heat climate is a big part of their happiness as they prefer this over humidity. These conditions ensure that our cows are happy and produce litres of delicious raw dairy every day.

Our Australian milk dairy farm is also ideally located with access to the artesian basin, which provides secure underground bore water that is used for irrigation. We are incredibly blessed to have this access to a year-round water source, as it means that our cows have lush, green pastures to keep themselves fit, fat and flourishing in all seasons.

Our location is also close to numerous cropping farms in the area, which means we can buy hay and grain for our cows from just down the track - which is not just cutting down on food miles but also helping us to support our local farming communities too.
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What Makes Our Milk the Best?

There are a number of reasons why we are able to deliver the best milk on the market. Our family farm allows us to collect, process and bottle our products without leaving its boundaries. Our high-tech processing plant is on-site, which means that we don’t have to sell any of our raw dairy to other companies for processing and this gives us complete control in every step of the process.

We are able to take our raw product and process it into its final package in 12 hours or less, which means that it arrives at its destination and you can buy Australian made milk in it's freshest state.

Support Sustainable Local Companies

We love working with locals that have the same values as us and we believe that working with others with the same passion and drive can only come to good things. When you buy our products, you aren’t just supporting us, but the local farmers and communities that we partner with too.

It’s our hope that, together, our dairy milk can inspire a safe and sustainable future for dairy farming and local communities throughout Australia.

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