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Australian Milk Products

The Little Big Dairy Co is a family run business who aim to deliver the best-tasting, single source milk to as many people as possible. We believe that great quality, single source milk should be available for the many, not just reserved for the few. That is why we work hard to bring as many people as possible our quality milk, which can be traced back to the very cow that made it, while also supporting the economy it was made in.

The Little Big Dairy Company – More Than Just a Business

Coming from a long line of dairy farmers, farming is more than just a business for us, it is a way of life. At The Little Big Dairy Co, we bring together generations of knowledge, sustainable farming, and purebred Holsteins to bring the best-tasting, single source milk to as many people as we can. 

Our Australian milk products comes from our herd of 1000 beautiful Holsteins. They are born, raised, and cared for on our farm, each having their own name that we know by heart. They all have their own unique personality which we get to see every day and a history with lots of stories to go with it. Our commitment to keeping them happy and healthy is what allows us to distribute substantial amounts of high-quality, great tasting milk to our customers, every year. 
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What Does ‘Single Source’ Mean?

The milk that is produced at The Little Big Dairy Co, is ‘Single Source.’ This means that our milk is produced solely on our farm. We see our milk through the whole process; from milking to processing, and even into the bottle. The best thing about producing milk solely on our farm is that we can pay attention to every detail of the supply chain, ensuring our milk is the highest quality possible. 

It also means that we can trace the milk back to the very cow that made it, and reassure our customers that the practices used on our farm are ethical and cruelty-free. Our cows are kept healthy through constant access to fresh water, and a balanced diet that helps to reduce the likelihood of them getting ill.

Try the Best-Tasting Milk Products in Australia!

The Little Big Dairy Co is an Australian owned and run dairy and on-farm factory. By purchasing our milk products made in Australia, you are supporting the local economy and our mission to deliver great tasting, high-quality Australian milk products to as many people as possible. And as our milk is single source, you can be sure that the Australian milk products you are buying is produced sustainably and ethically and is made by happy and healthy cows.

Australian Milk Products from The Little Big Dairy Co

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love talking to our customers about our milk products. And we especially love talking about our beloved cows, and sharing information about where their food comes from, and our practices down on our family Australian dairy farm.
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