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Australian Dairy Farmers

Our family have been dairy farmers for over 100 years throughout multiple generations. The Little Big Dairy Co. is our way of giving back to the local community, bringing you the best quality dairy products from our 800 strong herd of Holstein cows.

Our Farm and Family

You’ll find our farm in the Central West of New South Wales, which is where all the magic happens. The whole process takes place on our farm by members of our family. Coming from a long line of dairy farmers, everyone gets involved, from birthing and rearing calves to bottling and selling high-quality milk products to the local community. We also work with local farmers to provide them with dairy cows and studs and they provide us with fodder and other products from their Australian farms.

As dairy farmers in Australia, we think it’s important that not only are our customers happy, but our cows are even happier. We consider them part of the family, so we know the name and personality of each and every one. We treat them all with the utmost love and care so make sure that they produce only the highest quality milk and additions to the family.
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We’re Your Local Australian Dairy Farmers!

We started The Little Big Dairy Co. to deliver the best tasting single source milk to people across Australia. Thanks to modern technology, we can do this and more. We can trace each milk product back to the cow it came from, when it was milked, and even where on the farm. If a cow is ill or on antibiotics, our machines can detect this and stop their milk from continuing through the process to your glass until their milk is 100% back to normal. Our up-to-date technology is crucial to the production of our milk and cream as it helps us sell over 8 million litres of milk per year and share our products with you.

You’ll Fall in Love with Our Products

We have all kinds of different milk and dairy products available for you to choose from, whether it’s full cream milk or no cream milk, flavoured milk, or pouring cream. All of our products are made with care, ready to wow anyone who drinks it.

Our flavoured milk is one of our best sellers to get children to drink more milk. It’s important for children to have dairy in their diet to help them grow and improve their immune systems. But sometimes it can be hard to encourage them to drink milk. Of course, it’s always more inviting when it’s chocolate flavoured. Our flavoured milk contains only 4 ingredients, all of which either come from our farm or Fairtrade farms which provide our cocoa, coffee, and vanilla beans.

If you have any other ideas you’d like to try, let us know! We’d love to hear what you think.

You can find our products on sale all over Western Australia and we even offer doorstep delivery to some areas of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
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